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To understand how posts on your LinkedIn company page have been performing, there are various metrics you can assess via your LinkedIn Dashboard. The LinkedIn Engagement Rate Calculator can help measure how well individuals interact with your LinkedIn content, which helps you make better decisions about which content pieces can help drive your results.

This Tool Will Help You Understand

  • Your post engagement rate.
  • Your company’s page engagement rate.

What Is Engagement Rate and How Is It Calculated?

Engagement rate is a metric used to measure the amount of engagement a piece of content receives from its audience. It gives insight into the level of interaction (comments, shares, likes, clicks, plays, follows) people have with the content.

Impressions: The total number of times a piece of content has been viewed.

Engagement: Measurable interactions with your posted social content such as shares, comments, likes, and clicks.

Total Engagement = Clicks/plays + shares + likes + comments + follows.

Formula: Total Engagements/Impressions X 100


{{engagements | number}} engagments from {{impressions | number}} impressions is a {{engagementRate}}% engagement rate.


CPM Calculator

With a budget of {{cost | currency}} you can purchase {{adImpressions|number}} ad impressions at {{cpm|currency}} per thousand impressions.

What is a good engagement rate for LinkedIn?

A good engagement rate varies widely depending on the industry, reputation, and the type of content that you publish. Broadly speaking, for more seasoned brands, an engagement rate of 2% means you’re doing great and above that means you’re doing excellent.

For brands in the startup stage who still trying to find their footing, an engagement rate of 1% is considered great.

How To Use This Calculator

Use the calculator to help you understand your engagement rate per post or your engagement rate by page.

For Posts: Enter the impressions and engagement for that individual post
For Page: Enter Total impressions and engagement for your page

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